Terms and Conditions

(1) The Slovak Design Centre, Jakubovo namestie 2562/12, 811 09, Bratislava, ID: 00699993 (hereinafter referred to as "SCD" or "organiser") is organising on their websites www.hladaniekrasy.sk, www.searchingforbeauty.sk, and www.searchingforbeauty.eu (hereinafter referred to as "organiser's web pages") a virtual gallery on the subject of "Searching for Beauty" (hereinafter referred to as "project"), where any participant (hereinafter referred to as "participant") will be able to contribute under the conditions laid down in these rules of participation.

(2) A participant can take part in the project by providing a text, photo, video, or GIF contribution (hereinafter referred to as "work") on the organiser's websites.

(3) By participating in the project, the participant grants the organiser free-of-charge consent in accordance with § 76 of the Copyright Act (hereinafter "CA") to use in any territory for the whole duration of the copyright, as of June 7th, 2016 without limitation, worldwide his/her work in this material scope:
accessing the original work or copies thereof to the public, including using the works on any website and social network,
connecting of the work with other works,
processing the work,
including the works in the database pursuant to § 131 AZ,
producing copies of the works in an unlimited number and publicly distributing them,
publication and distribution of the work in the manner specified in § 19 par. 4 point e) to an unlimited amount,
the introduction of the work to the public in the manner referred to in § 19 par. 4 point f) AZ,
use of the work for promotional and advertising purposes and its subsequent use is commercial in any form.

4) The participant grants the organiser consent to grant approval to a third party to use the work to the same extent as the participant granted to the organiser under a license under section (3) (sublicense).

(5) The participant involved in the project states that the provision of work and licensing does not infringe any third-party rights to the work. In case the subscriber provides the organiser with such work which violates the rights of a third party to the work, he/ she shall forthwith inform the organiser and pay the organiser the damage incurred by him/ her in relation to the breach of obligations of a participant to make available the works which are not bound by third parties' rights.

(6) The organiser reserves the right not to make the work available on its websites or in any other publicly accessible media, or to remove the work at any time which at the discretion of the organiser could interfere with the rights and legitimate interests of third parties or which would be demeaning, vulgar, or likely to damage the reputation of the organiser, project, or a third party, or be contrary to paragraph 7, or otherwise inappropriate.

(7) The work of the participant must not contain vulgarisms or obscenities and must not harm the good name, reputation, and dignity of the organiser, project, and third parties. It cannot contain extremist words and symbols and may not otherwise interfere with the rights and legitimate interests of the parties, nor shall the name and surname or business name, logo, or name of the participant (the work cannot promote the participants).

(8) The participant is not legally entitled to have his/her work published in the project.

(9) The pages have not been proofread.

(10) The conditions for participation in the project and for the use of the work not covered by these rules shall be governed by the conditions laid down at creativecommons.org. If the provisions of these rules are contrary to the provisions of the "Creative Commons," priority is given to the provisions of these rules.

In Bratislava, May 2016


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