How to make a GIF

1. Before you start adding GIFs, please log in. Use your email.

2. To find out what is this GIF gallery about, please read the information on this project here. (link to “About”)

3. Click on “Add GIF”.

4. When creating a GIF, choose the way which suits you most: you can use a video made with a camera or mobile.
If you wish to make a GIF using photos, choose them and add them here. You can also use a YouTube link.

5. Every time you want to add a picture or video, click in the middle of the generator, a window with your file browser opens. Then just choose the pictures or videos you wish to use.

6. After adding pictures, choose how long they will be displayed. After adding a video, choose the part you want to share, you can share it all if the capacity allows it. Replay the selected part.If you are adding a GIF from a YouTube video, you can also select the sequence you wish to use in your GIF. If you have created a GIF elsewhere and you have it saved on your computer, add it by hitting the middle of the generator and add the GIF.

7. Once the GIF is generated, please fill in the fields with its name, country, category, tag, and if you’ve used work of some other author, please state the source, too.

8. It’s done after clicking on “Save GIF” and your GIF is ready for sharing on social networks - show the ones around you what you’ve found in your search of beauty!


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