I haven’t received my account activation mail, what should I do?
Please check your Junk mail folder, it might have ended up there. 

Terms and Conditions ban using logos or brand names in my GIFs, is there any other way with which I can identify myself or our brand?
Please use the tag for it, you can choose it when adding a GIF.

Why can't I log in?
Please check your mailbox, we’ve sent you a link to activate it.

How can I share the GIF I have created on Facebook?
Just click on the Facebook icon next to the GIF and let it roll! Don't forget to log in Facebook first.

Who will see my GIFs?
Anyone who will browse this gallery. The Searching for Beauty project is for everybody who wants to join to searching for beauty around us.

Can I use as many pictures as I want to make my GIF?
It depends on the size of the pictures: the advantage of a GIF is that it loads fast – that is why it needs to be short and the pictures as small as possible.

Can a GIF have just one picture in it?
Technically it can, but GIFs in this gallery are animated. The Searching for Beauty GIFs are supposed to “move,” just like an optical toy.

Something isn’t working?
We’re sorry for that, if you haven’t found the answer in our How-to, please report the bug here. Thank you!


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