In our project, we search for and find the feeling when all of our soul trembles with beauty. We're examining the bright and fleeting moment when we feel the magnitude of light through and we've got the sensation we're a part of it; we feel complete with beauty.

It can sometimes occur when a spider web flying in the air gets right into our face. It's a look at water lily, it's an old abandoned factory, it's quartz at the exhibition of minerals. It's a road across a forest, it's the smell of lilac, it's a kiss from a boyfriend, it's a star-studded sky. It's a warm bath and bubbles stuck in a tub, it's a knitted sweater, it's a panel house, it's a BBQ in a park, it's a plastic bag caught up in a wind swirl, it's space. 

We’ve got the impression there’s more beauty around us than it actually shows, and, also, that it’s overlooked and we need to point a finger at it. The thing is, everybody knows the feeling, they just experience it in other things. A buffet at a water park seems more beautiful to us than a newly built glass restaurant, plenty of other things seem appealing to us, but to others they don't. Can beauty be ugly?
We see beauty where it seemingly does not exist. Has the view of beauty changed? Maybe it's so that every generation needs to redefine beauty, it might be just momentary. We are surrounded by streams of images and definitions, and it seems like there's been an answer to everything, but it might not be that way. We are curious about when we experience beauty, do we all feel it same or everybody has their own way?
The beauty of GIFs is also in the fact that you can watch a moment isolated in time forever – a piece of a giant puzzle that surrounds us. In the flood of information, videos, and pictures, we suddenly focus on a single detail — a few frames, a single blink of an owl, or a subtle smile of a forsaken hero. They are great in their imperfection; their compressed quality — we feel closer to them than to flawlessly processed shiny advertising images. GIF is an excellent format for capturing a piece of beauty.

Ové Pictures

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